When you first bought your home, you probably never considered what it would be like to think about listing that home for sale. Sadly, the selling process lacks the adrenaline-rushing excitement of buying a home. There’s a lot of work to do so that you get the most money you can within the least amount of time possible. It helps create a smoother journey if you know what to expect. Here, then, are six steps to selling a home.

Finding the Right Partner | Finding the Best Seller’s Agent

Since you don’t have to pay a real estate agent up front, there’s no harm in reaching out to real estate professionals to discover which agent is the best partner to help you sell your home. You need an agent who is an expert in the type of property you’re selling, who knows your community like the back of his or her hand, and with whom you feel confident, comfortable, and trustful.

Setting a Winning Price

Setting a winning price for your house for sale is one of the most critical elements of the process. Houses priced too low sell quickly but at a loss. Homes priced too high sit on the market too long, get price reductions and may develop a reputation for being unsellable. Discuss with your real estate representative the best strategies for setting a competitive price on your property.

Staging for Success

Staging a house is an activity in which you can engage that directly impacts the perception buyers have of your home and its perceived value. First impressions matter and that’s as true in real estate as it is in any other situation. Get your property dressed for success.

You can stage your house for sale yourself or you can hire a professional staging company to do the dirty work for you. The goal is to remove clutter, depersonalize and neutralize, clean, update, refresh, and decorate so the entire environment is appealing to potential buyers.

Showings and Open Houses

On days your home is on display, prepare the house in advance. Make the beds. Do the dishes. Put away the laundry. Pick up the toys.

To assist your agent, leave a plate of fresh-baked cookies or snacks on the counter in the kitchen. If you don’t get a chance to bake, put out store-bought treats and light a scented candle with a yummy aroma.

Remove any valuables or items that may be considered unsafe and store them in a secure off-site location.

Try not to be at home during tours, and make arrangements, if possible, for household pets. Not only may buyers be put off by or allergic to animals, but animals can experience lots of stress having strangers march throughout their territory.

Offers and Negotiations

Your agent will notify you of any and all offers that come in on your property. You don’t need to call your agent repeatedly to find out if anyone has shown interest. Your agent wants to sell your home as much as you do, so trust him or her to do their job and try not to blow up their phone.

Trust your agent’s advice when considering offers. While your agent cannot tell you which offer to accept or how to counter-offer, that agent can guide you based on professional experience.

Legalities and Requirements

The next step is to satisfy the legalities and lender requirements such as searching the title, and having the house surveyed, appraised, and inspected. You’ll need to open your home a few more times to the appraiser, inspector, surveyor, and any other requirements for closing the sale. Make sure everything is in good order.

Selling a Home – It’s Time!

Selling your home is a challenging experience. Not only are you wrestling with the emotions of closing one chapter and opening another, but you’ve also got to pack, make preparations for your journey, and then worry about all the steps involved with selling the house you’re in now. But knowing the steps ahead of time, being aware of what to expect, you can experience a smoother transaction, a quicker sale, a higher purchase price, and a clean slate for moving forward onto bigger and better adventures.

Your real estate agent is the best source of information about the local community and real estate topics. Give PEG Ramsey a call today at 818-809-3658 to learn more about local areas, discuss selling a house, or tour available homes for sale.

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