What you don’t know can cost you time and money when it comes to selling your house. The best source of information is your real estate agent, and we’ve put together a growing list of helpful resources about the home selling process. When you’re ready, call PEG Ramsey at 818-809-3658 to discuss how we can help sell your house.

How much is my home worth?

6 Steps to Selling a Home

When you first bought your home, you probably never considered what it would be like to think about listing that home for sale. Sadly, the selling process lacks the adrenaline-rushing excitement of buying a home. There’s a lot of work to do so that you get the most money you can within the least amount … Continued

Things to Consider When Pricing Your Home

Correctly pricing your house for listing is one of the most significant factors in whether or not you experience a successful sale. You may fully understand the role pricing plays in real estate. If you price too low, then you naturally lose money. If you price too high, then you’ve learned an expensive lesson because … Continued