Universal City encompasses Universal Pictures, one of the country’s top six major film studios, as well as Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, and also the three-block promenade known as CityWalk, a shopping and entertainment center. Altogether, the unincorporated area in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County envelops 415 acres.

Universal Pictures is an American film company whose top-grossing productions include Jurassic Park, E.T., Fast & Furious, and other popular titles. Universal Pictures was founded in 1912 and its studio, housed at Universal Studios, is the oldest surviving film studio in the United States. Tour movie sets, learn how movies are made, and delve into the adventure of film.

Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park based on popular movie attractions including Harry Potter, King Kong, Transformers, and many more.

Universal CityWalk is a shopping and entertainment experience featuring live music, dining, nightlife, and even indoor skydiving!

Universal Pictures and Universal Studios are still active locations for shooting film and television, so it’s not uncommon to catch a sneak peek into the next blockbuster hit, or to find yourself rubbing elbows with your favorite superstars.

Because the entirety of Universal City is the property of Universal Studios, there are no residential areas or schools. However, Universal City is only 2.7 miles and about 14 minutes away from Studio City, an upscale community recognized for housing superstars. Although there are no houses or schools, there is public transportation via the Rapid Transit Station on Metro Rail’s Redline with service to Universal Studios Hollywood and CityWalk. Additionally, there are several hotels within the area for out-of-town visitors.

Universal City is a testament to the success of Universal Pictures, Universal Studios, and Universal CityWalk in entertaining the masses with film production, props, special effects, and an unlimited playground for the imagination.

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