With sunshine sprawling across the county for 283 days out of each year, high temperatures not too high, low temperatures not too low, minimal rain, and a broad array of things to do in every price bracket, it’s no wonder Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States. The city of Los Angeles, the county’s largest city, also serves as the county seat. More than a fourth of California’s residents have settled in, creating one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the country.

Los Angeles County, California spans a total of 4061 square miles of land and an additional 691.5 square miles of water. The area houses 88 incorporated cities, a plethora of unincorporated areas, 19 lakes, and reservoirs, and a few national protected areas. National protected areas include part of Angeles National Forest, part of Los Padres National Forest, and part of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. But it’s also home to a whopping 10,116,705 residents.

There are 88 school districts and hundreds of schools throughout Los Angeles County to educate the area’s young. There are also a variety of charter schools and private schools, including a strong presence of Catholic private schools. Additionally, there are dozens of colleges and universities.

Amtrak, Los Angeles Metro Rail, and Metro link provide passenger rail service throughout Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority provides local bus service. Travelers moving by air do so via Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Long Beach Municipal Airport, and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

Los Angeles County is rich in art, history, culture, and recreation. Enjoy fine dining or casual eating experiences, luxury shopping excursions or a quick trip to the stores, visit multiple amusement parks, relax in the spa, play a few rounds of golf, or engage in a wide array of fun-filled activities.

In other words, come make yourself at home in Los Angeles County, California.

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