I live and specialize in Los Angeles County, CA – with a residence and RE license in Mohave County, AZ as well. My unique dual affiliations, together with the most extensive network power of RE/MAX, offers valuable relocation opportunities and insight to assist you no matter where your pin lands on the globe.

More than 15 years ago I began learning about the many avenues within the real estate business. Through my personal experiences that include flipping my own homes, I learned the importance of value, vision, timelines, negotiation, communication and outcome impact of even the smallest details. For this reason I study data carefully, dot the “i” and cross each “t” behind the scenes, while providing you with the information you’ll need to stay informed throughout every stage of your transaction process and beyond.

My life lessons have taught me to better understand, honor and protect the most precious things in life. This awareness keeps me focused on what’s important to you and allows me to develop a personalized plan that ensures your unique needs and desires are considered. The best possible outcome is always the goal.

History: The daughter of a hard-working Irish immigrant (a true gentleman) and a tackle-anything mother (still an independent spitfire in her 80’s), I too became a motivated entrepreneur after the loss of my husband years ago. With 2 young children at home I started my own business to be available for them. Throughout life’s inevitable peaks & valleys we survived… and thrived, thank God! Son, now a married USMC Capt., is responsible for my recent title of “Gramsey” to our next generation. Daughter, a successful Hollywood FX Makeup Artist in the Burbank studio district, incentivized my move from our home state of Michigan. I began my Western RE’education in 2013 with extreme gratitude that my work could continue in perpetual sunshine, with gorgeous scenery, for all types of interestingly active people.